Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Blind Dogs & the Children

Would you believe that these are two blind kids with see-and-eye dogs? Well, you would be wrong. It is quite the other way around. The children, Clifford and Elvira can see perfectly well. However, the dogs are blind. Aunt Gertrude pays these children with sweets and pennies to walk and play with her blind dogs, Katy and Brutus. Aunty used to give the children lots of paper money, but found out that their dead-beat father was swiping the money to pay for liquor. The children are afraid of the dogs, but having nothing, are desperate. You see, the pooches like to bark and bite. If it were not for their sense of smell, they would be lost. The kids protect themselves by spraying themselves with stinky perfume, from which the dogs usually shy away.


Blogger Belinda said...

who would have thought it for the dogs to be blind? ah well these things happen, luckily for us we have six senses

4:47 AM  

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