Thursday, June 01, 2006

Be Careful Who You Kiss

Oh my, it seems like a sweet picture postcard, but don't get caught with it in school if you happen to be a kid yourself. A little boy found this card among his grandmother's prayerbooks and took it to school. What is more, it gave him ideas, and he kissed the little girl who sat next to him in class. Bad news! There was a time when little girls liked getting kissed and cute boys did not mind doing the kissing-- but NO MORE! Charlie got pulled out of his class and yelled at by his teacher. She accused him of a lot of things he did not even understand, after all, he was only a second grader! The next thing you know, the parents are called and they rush to the school to see what the matter might be. When they get there they discover that the principal called the police and their little Charlie is locked up at the pokey for sexual harassment and assault. The teacher holds up the card like it is pornography and accuses them of being negligent parents. They cannot believe it and later find out from the laughing cops that the school adminstrators insisted on charges being filed. Charlie is suspended from school and the next day they get served with a civil suit for damages from little Tabitha's parents, or should I say, TWO MOMMIES, who work for NOW...or was it the ACLU...I can't remember which.


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